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Oh em gee – The Affair

I am in absolute shock.

Finally, I am up-to-date, with the excellent The Affair and the season two finale, has me in complete disarray.

Which way is up? I can’t breathe. Someone close my mouth.  Continue reading

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Style files: KKW bottoms out

About two years ago I started to, quite casually, keep up with the Kardashians.

It was a casual affair at first, driven by pay TV access, a comfy couch and the desire to not think on a Sunday afternoon.

It began to intensify about the time I watched the oldest Kardashian give birth to her first child. It was intoxicating. It was incredible access. I went back for her second and now eagerly await await the arrival of her third.  Continue reading

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Offspring’s proud women

Offspring started its new season last night.

I haven’t been very fond of Australian attempts at drama since Underbelly spewed its way across our screens. There isn’t much to select between, particularly if you’re looking for a strong female character and haven’t been able to watch ABC or SBS. Continue reading