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ACH Travel: Japan

A snow holiday and the starting point of our adventure.

It was the early days of the new 2013 year, we were at Melbourne brunch and I was working double-time on the Great Love.

I wanted to travel, a life shake-up, and my skinny latte – I ordered it 10 minutes ago.

The setting was Pope Joan’s on Nicholson Street. I have actually written about this moment before.

I got him over the line on snow. A snow strip to start and London to end. We could figure out the middle part – I didn’t care – I had him hooked at snow.

Japan, then, was the first stop on our adventure and still the best place I have ever visited. Continue reading

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What Backs Ate, Part II – the Memphis (deep fried) Leg

The fourth day of our Southern tour was a real cracker.

It involved Memphis. And if you can involve yourself in Memphis, I’d suggest you did exactly that.  Continue reading

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What Backs Ate – The Southern Food Odyssey Begins

He was on a mission.

A mission inspired by a love of Cajun, deep fried anything, and a slow-cooked, secondary-cut meat.

We were in America in October 2014 for Bianca and Petty’s wedding and post their magnificent nuptials we were Deep South-bound and nothing was going to stand in the way of the Great Love and his determination to eat out the South. Continue reading

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Brighton: A Royal wonder

It was one of those perfect nights. The night was young, I was relaxed, but still sprightly; the iPad was fully charged.

I fluffed the pillows, had a sip of water, pulled my hair out, then settled my shoulders.

I clicked into the iPad and onto the internet and for the umpteenth night, I entered a royal name and continued my latest bedtime hobby: reading up on our royal family. Continue reading

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The cool traveller

It’s funny, isn’t it, what one does when away from friends and family?

There’s a tendency to get a little carried away; you’ve on an extended break, you’re hanging with strangers, you’re introducing yourself on a regular basis.

You’re waxing lyrical with your profession – it’s no longer communications, but writing – and you have turned your holiday into a meaningful and mindful crusade – a chance to just be, to get away from it all, to recentre and find out who you really are.

You’ve become a wanker.

Without those who act as our moral and shit-talking compasses, it’s easy to get carried away.

I remember one of my friends describing her partner as  ‘cool traveller’ because he didn’t like to rush and never arrived at an airport early.

The name has stuck with me and as the GL and I journeyed to England overland, we had the pleasure of meeting a few.

The first we came across was looking after a hostel in a Japanese ski village.

Continue reading

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And so the adventure and London life (began)

It was a Monday morning and we were returned from a New Year’s and wedding celebrated in New Zealand.

We were brunching in East Lygon, drinking nice coffee and eating perfectly poached eggs. We were on the deck and we were well happy with each other. We were talking about what came next. Dessert and our next trip.

Time spent outside your country always involves some degree of retrospection and, in my case, this trip to Kiwi-A-Go-Go (Wellington and Paraparaumu) had been no different.

At 27 sprightly years, I was in a job and apartment I loved, and happily ensconced in a relationship which had survived a fairly tumultuous period. Nicely settled, I was feeling keenly the pull of a long-held dream.

The GL mentioned the snow. A keen snowboarder, he’d ventured to Kiwi-A-Go-Go previously on a boarding trip and was harbouring hopes of Japan this time around. I was holding hopes for London. He had never been interested. I needed to reframe the offer.

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