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SAG: The Best Performers Award

Absolutely no surprises here.

ACH, as reviewer, favours those actresses who lean toward the unusual and unique and those which have that incredible and enviable ability to Wear The Heck out of clothes.

The three listed below have played an incredible game to date, impressing at the Golden Globes and again the Critics’ Choice Awards and letting no one down with their latest sartorial offering.

Well done to each and thank you for keeping the carpet interesting.  Continue reading

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The Very Interesting, She Is A Knockout Award

Lorelei Linklater – in Honor. I instantly need to know more about this New York label. I also cannot knock this selection, nor do I want to. In fact, I feel rather enthusiastic about the whole thing and may be one of the few people online saying as much. Actually, it keeps growing on me, and now I think I may actually love it. Continue reading

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SAG: The Oh Yes, Very Good Awards

Julianne Moore – in Givenchy and looking like that dress was made for her. Which it was. The gown is custom and it totally shows. They nailed the fabric selection but whipped it up into a dress which is totally lovely but certainly not as interesting a shape as her Critics’ Choice numberContinue reading

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SAG: The Non-Captivating, Very Safe Awards

Reese Witherspoon – in Giorgio Armani. I like her sleeve; I don’t like her strapless. So, depending on which side we sit, it’s either half-okay, or could have been twice as good. You decide. Side note: Witherspoon is playing a safe game (similar to Aniston when she was still gunning for an Oscar nomination); her carpet season would have been so much more interesting had she not been firmly in the running for an Oscar. Continue reading

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SAG: Champagne Champion Award

Laverne Cox – in Johanna Johnson. Impressive showing from Cox who is owning the champagne colour and that neckline, which is both feminine and fierce. Kind of where Watts’ dress needed to go, but fell short. A quick shout out to her hair as well: it is the perfect finishing touch to what is a Damn Good Look.

Laverne Cox

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Style Review: The SAG Awards

The Screen Actors’ Guild Awards. Another night. Another red carpet. Aniston again overlooked.

We watched on for the fashion and unfortunately it lived up to expectation – the reliably interesting looked reliably interesting and the reliably boring looked reliably boring. Continue reading

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