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Aitch-bee Grand Lady

Eighty-nine years young today, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

What a woman.

queen elizabeth ii


Brighton: A Royal wonder

It was one of those perfect nights. The night was young, I was relaxed, but still sprightly; the iPad was fully charged.

I fluffed the pillows, had a sip of water, pulled my hair out, then settled my shoulders.

I clicked into the iPad and onto the internet and for the umpteenth night, I entered a royal name and continued my latest bedtime hobby: reading up on our royal family. Continue reading

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Well played Little Gee

George left Australia today looking suitably unimpresed, displeased by the Prime Minister and resplendent in red.

Not that he’d care for my comments, but Little G, a  job thoroughly well done.

The only shame is, when will we see his chubby legs again?

george 1george 2

Images from: The Daily Mail

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Wills, We’re waiting

So, exactly when is Prince William going to hold Baby George?

What are the Royals playing at? When it comes to these two – to Royals really – everything is strategic. There is a careful media strategy at play, and for my mind, the reason is one of the following three:

* They’re saving the prized photo op, the one that’ll sell millions of magazines to women who drive mini-vans, for the Royal Tour grand finale?

* For a future King, the media message is subjects first, George’s puffed cheeks second?

* Fear George the Cute will wail and William will be shown up by an incessant cry?

I wait in hope.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

Source: dailymail.co.uk

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Well, what would I know?

It’s a boy. And I, I was convinced she was going to be a girl.

Catherine of William does not know how to put her once-was-a-Commoner foot wrong.

There goes my fiver on Alexandra.

And the name? Nothing as yet, but I’m thinking now it will contain a reference to one George V and another to the future King Charles.

Oh, and he – grandpops – he is “overjoyed”. Me too.

royal baby

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Alexandra out in front

The royal baby name market is an interesting thing. The world has managed to commodify a baby’s moniker and I am all but captivated.

This afternoon, having missed the early bird, I finally lobbed $5 on Alexandra (girl) at very short odds.

The last few hours, sitting home and lonely, I’ve looked further into the market and tried to tick off the origin of a handful of market leaders.  Continue reading

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