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Looking like a Sunday when it is only a Friday

Today I wore a Sunday outfit. And yes, right you are, today is Friday.

This is not like me at all; I tend to be very mindful of the week’s day when selecting an outfit. Continue reading

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Fashion red alert: A dungarees discov-er-ee

I was out shopping with the Great Love in weeks past when I stumbled across a dungarees discov-er-ee (if you say it like that it rhymes) which has not only seen me clad in a super sweet pair of ‘ralls, but also tap into a super abundant – and cheap, I might add – clothing pool.

It’s a win whichever way you look at it. Let’s step through it together. Continue reading

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Good Bad Blood

The Great Love was listening to a Ryan Adams new release early Saturday morn.

He was well into it and then I told him it was a cover album. Of Taylor Swift’s first-ever pop release, 1989.

I watched indecision and concern wash over him. Continue reading

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A life more empty

Tonight marks one week since my Great Love left and life has become rather sad.

I am out of frozen left-overs, bereft of dinner plans and the Roommate isn’t likely to prep dinner for me again.

What is one to do? Continue reading

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What Backs Ate, Part III – The Fried Chicken Which Broke His Backs

New Orleans. The last stop on our Southern journey.

The city we loved; the city which tore us apart.

The city in which the Great Love’s food odyssey reached its grand, gumbo-fuelled climax and the city which broke his Backs.

Let’s start at the beginning. Continue reading

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