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Grammys: The Best Awards

And wasn’t this an easy choice? That was a question for A Crowded Hour and our scrunchie-clad head is nodding up and down. They went there and they went all the way and it was an absolute fashion knockout. Well done Rihanna and Sia. You two, you’re total gamers. Continue reading

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Grammys: The Strong Performers

Kim Kardashian West – in John Paul Gaultier. She deserves this accolade. This dress is inspired. It is absolutely exquisite and perhaps the nicest dressing gown I have ever laid eyes on. Continue reading

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Grammys: The Body Language Improving Award

Kanye and Taylor Swift – in Arms About One Another. Take a look at that shot (second, below)and tell me Swifty hasn’t found her ground? Continue reading

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Grammys: The I Can’t Dance, But No One Dares Tell Me Award

Taylor Swift – in Elie Saab. Who else? It’s always Taylor Swift. Swifty sitting there in the front row, bopping along out of time, with jerk body movements and arms out wide, moving worse than your mum. Continue reading

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Grammys: The You No Relevant Awards

Madonna – in Givenchy. It is so long since I have had a positive thought about Madonna. A thought about Madonna, really. Actually, I have had one, it was in the the Northern summer and I was eating ice-cream. I was licking and munching a waffle cone (obvs) and two scoops when I pondered the last time Madonna had eaten ice-cream. Continue reading

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Grammys: The Absolute Misfire Awards

Beyonce – in Proenza Schouler. Good bloody God. Someone call Madame Tussaud’s, the Beyonce exhibit has gone missing again. Oh wait, it’s the real Queen Bee and she is looking like absolute trash. Continue reading

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