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I am a wee bit bored awards

Alison Williams – In Armani Prive. It is a nice colour and her hair is fairly old Hollywood glam. Which is nice. But have we not trod this fashion path before?

Jennifer Aniston – In Saint Laurent. It is not written on her forehead, but it is written on her dress: I am saving my A-game for where it counts; check back in at the Oscars and excuse me from this fashion recap. Okay then. Done.

Gwyneth Paltrow – In Michael Kors. I can’t help but question is this a trick? Is it to lull us into a false sense of fashion comfort which we will be tipped unceremoniously from once she hits the Oscars carpet in something that ups even that cooler than thou Tom Ford white cape? I don’t know anymore.

Naomi Watts – In Gucci. Despite an inspired teaming of dress yellow and red lip, I’m falling asleep. And I am very anti that belt.

Lena Dunham – In Zac Posen. Her former babysitter by the way. Dunham has delivered an improved showing.

Amy Adams – In Versace. She should have checked with Jessica Chastain first to find out how it is to wear that shade of non-blue blue.

Alison williamsJennifer AnistonGwyneth PaltrowSource: E OnlineLena DunhamAmy adams


Easy On the Eye Awards

Hannah Bagshawe – A simple hair of the Gisele style, teamed with a simple dress of the Gisele Oscars style circa 2005. Limelight firmly on her winning husband. A pleasing if plain look.

Kristen Wiig – The casual is elevated by the print. I might regret this later, but for now I kind of do like it.

Reese Witherspoon – In Calvin Klein. Girl did good, not great, but definitely good and yes, better than average.

Livia Firth – In Erdem. There is nothing crisper than a crisp black and white and hers is a very crisp black and white. It also has the refreshing fit of a I-Am-Going-To-Enjoy-The-Menu, which really is a tick to my fashion box. Who doesn’t love being comfortable?

RedmaynesKristen wiigReese WitherspoonLivia Firth


Confusion Rising Awards

Claire Danes – In Valentino. I am torn between a head shake and a good old-fashioned head nod. I am as confused as it is. I think the bodice mesh could have been tighter, but I am quite taken by its neck. I am off the eye colour but right on the earrings. The skirt is good, but would it work better as a mini on cocktail night? You tell me.

Emily Blunt – In Michael Kors. This dress is the better-looking cousin of Rosamund Pike’s dress. But still, the fashion strain, it’s not a good one. I do like her earrings.

Jemima Kirke – In Rosie Assoulin. I am going to say that she is supporting a small and boutique designer with a big bank balance and a very sleek Greenwich store with whom she holds a close, personal friendship. As opposed to anything else.

Emma Stone – In Lanvin. I like a fashion risk-taker, always have. And she’s red head so that’s double points from me. But a trumped up bow shading her rump? It’s probably a squinty no from me. In saying that, the fit of those pants is exceptional and that iron line, for a keen ironer, is exquisite. I don’t know anymore. Front good, back bow not so good. Next.


Claire DanesEmily BluntJemima Kirke








emma stone


Predictably Predictable Awards

Kate Hudson – In Versace. This is all kinds of I-have-a-fabulous-body-and-it-is-making-me-fashion-lazy. It also screams Euro yacht on the Mediterranean garb. Which makes sense when you know the label is Versace.

Heidi Klum – In Versace. Feels like something Adriana Xenides would have rockced.

Cindy Crawford – In Versace. Such a shame.

Jennifer Lopez – In Zuhair Murad. Va-va-voom. I’m not going to deny her that. Butttt and it’s such a big, curvy, tight buttttt – she is, as ever, giving off some serious figure skater goes red carpet vibes and everything is just a huge amount of too much.

Katie Holmes – she wore Marchesa and a horsetail. Stop.

Kate Hudsonheidi klumcindy crawfordJLoKatie Holmes


Should Have Scratched But They Wore It Anyway Awards

Rosamund Pike – In Vera Wang. She was worn by her dress when it should have been the Sienna Miller way around. Unfortunately though, ill-fitting cups don’t lie and hers may have been the night’s worst, plus I want to take those strings and give the gown an old-fashioned lift and re-tie.

Lana del Rey – It’s too easy, I’m not playing. Dress was Travilla.

RosamundLana Del Rey


Short Changed Awards

Kate Mara – Ms Mara also wore Miu Miu. You know who else wore Miu Miu? Sienna Miller and Maggie G and they’re sitting very pretty in my best. Receiving the raw end of the mannequin must be tough when your number has some poorly-advised ruffles and a distracting safari-ode about her middle.

Amal Clooney: Damn, damn and high shame. She was my front-runner for a real wow factor and did she deliver? Well, she wore Dior and that should answer your my question. Chez Dior never trills me; to be honest. And I do not think their leading lady Jennifer Lawrence is given the silks she deserves and I just can’t describe this as a fine example of what Clooney can achieve, particularly given her her sartorial feats on boats at the time of her Venice nuptials. But points where points due: her gloves were inspired, her hair to-die and she ‘Je Suis Charlie’d’ on the carpet. She’s also just damn fascinating and we both wear Tatty Devine. So cool. Play on.

Julianne Moore – This Givenchy dress starts in a place I can really get behind, but evolves into a piece that just feathers me up the wrong way. So to speak. Medium points.

Rooney Maraamal clooneyJulianne Moore