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Critics’ Choice: The Seen It All Before Awards

Marion Cotillard – in Dior. This style review brings me no joy. I love Cotillard but I cannot say the same for Dior. The big and abundantly-skirted-issue we face, however, is not the dress itself, but the fact we saw it last year on Lawrence. On Lawrence when she won the Oscar. And fell up the stairs. And we all remember it. This might be the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to Cotillard, because in every other area of her life, she is absolutely exquisite.

marion cotillard



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Critics’ Choice: The Misfire Awards

Jessica Chastain – in Antonio Berardi. Chastain looks like a figure skater with an Asian twist. And it is an absolute non-winner. I fear this one is not a possessor of Wondrous Style, and that is okay, not everyone is that lucky (ha!). A couple of questions: when did slick hair become the go-to? When did a waterfall of hair extensions become the norm? Why do people persist with cut-outs (think Kate Hudson) The dress feels lop-sided – a cut-out does not equal a spray of sparkle and the thigh split does not balance out the heaviness of the dress. Not my thing.

Leslie Mann – in Reem Acra. I would not have bothered with Mann, but for a Facebook comment. I do not dig it. Top to toe fan I am not. Let us start with the dress and its length. It is short. Why is it short? Then, the sheer strips, they be giving me the feel of a long and sheer dress atop a short one (which is a horrid look always and forever – that and the short at the front with long flaps at the back look) and is giving me goose bumps of the bad variety. Is the colour right on her? As a wishy-washy redhead with a pale skin, would you have dressed her in something with a bit of colour? The Golden Globes dress was an example of a far better run for Mann. Oh, and those shoes: clash.

Reese Witherspoon – in Lanvin. I feel like Witherspoon is in on something we are not. And if we were in on it, we would know why the hell she opted for this disaster of a terrible frock. I definitely do not support the magenta and black, and then I see that gaping wound in her skirt, exposing more of that (frankly, not very nice) magenta, mixed with a shocking back bow of the Emma Stone variety and a relatively bad frock became much bloody worse.

Amy Adams – in Max Mara. Bad fit, too short, wrong colour, poor jewellery game. Sorry Adams. I did not enjoy typing any of that.

Jessica ChastainLeslie Mann

reese witherspoonamy adams

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Critics’ Choice: Worst Dressed Award

Angelina Jolie – in Atelier Versace. An absolute misfire from Jolie and evidence of my two biggest problems with her – she cannot wear clothes and she has no sense of style. Clothes swamp her; she becomes a coat hanger wrapped in reams of exquisite cloth that do nothing to flatter her body, that cling to the wrong parts, but admittedly do nothing to detract from That Face. Shall we step through her Critics’ Choice number? She is swimming (and I would argue drowning) in that silver fabric. There is just so bloody much of it. The triangular, bell-cut of that sleeve, cut where it is, make a mockery of her arms. The neck line and waist pattern, and all of that cloth, pull too tight in points about her waist, but just gush about her neck. Her breasts, which I would say are three sizes too large, and have not exactly moulded into her body, are accentuated by all of that fabric, and the neck sits in such a way, that the triangular jut of her new boobs, is actually accentuated by the fabric. Then her waist, which is tiny, actually looks rather odd, because the fabric is pulled too tight, but then it is just all too busy at the front and top. And then that tail. All Of That Tail. The skirt cut is not the worst part of the dress, but it’s still a lovely example of Not Interesting and probably a fitting end to a really bad dress. Next stop, her hair: it is too dark and again, whoever has done her makeup has turned her into a wax doll. In some pictures she looks like she’s been taken out of Madame Tussaud’s for the eve. Note: her dress is Atelier Versace and you must remember what we said about Versace last week?

Angelina Jolie

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Critics’ Choice: Style Improving Awards

Rosamund Pike – in Valentino. She has stepped up a grade in this frock but still has a way to go before we see her cutting some real fashion shapes on the red carpet. I am starting to question whether she is more of a casual fashion Queen compared with Red Carpet Killah. Some are, and before this event, I had Aniston pinned as a better casual type. I digress, the skirt reminds me of a bad set of curtains mum bought, from Spotlight, to decorate our two-shades-of-pink childhood bedroom, except more expensive. Then, that top, all high neck and broad-cut sleeve – kind of like a turtle neck – which does no kinds of wonders for her body. When writing the Golden Globes post on Pike, I started to type about an issue I have with showing my shoulders/neck/chest in certain cuts because when revealed a certain way, they seem to fight the cloth and work against me. I think Pike is having this problem, but does not actually know it. Yet. She needs to read this. She wore a neckline that did not suit her body last week, and in changing it up, has done it but again. The shape of the bodice – high neck and full top do not flatter her. Then, she tops it off with a severe ‘doo and there is nothing to break it up. I am tired.

Felicity Jones – in Dolce and Gabbana. Well helloooo English Rose Goes Gothic. I was not a fan of her sartorial styling at the Globes, and do not love this, but I am warming to her because she is showing a willingness to mix it up. She comes across as a fairly sweet sort, engaging, interested, intelligent, intellectual and her choices so far this campaign have really reflected this. Can’t hate on anyone for being true to self. The skirt is a wee bit shapeless and maybe the bralett a bit too long, but this aside, I appreciate the overlay is not lace and the rope-type straps which decorate it. Well done.

Rosamund PikeFelicity Jones

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Critics’ Choice: The Good Awards

Emily Blunt – in Emilio Pucci. Reviewing this outfit was akin to a pleasant fashion journey for me – the places I started and ended at were at friendly and yet opposite ends of the review. I glazed over at first; I thought it kind of bland with a bad neck. Then, then, after I had actually looked at her in it, I realised she looks amazing. That dress is a cracking shade and a cracking cut and it fits her like a high-fashion glove. I like the detail in the skirt which gently expands into the type of place Jolie’s should have.  Also, the back is all parts of lovely, thanks to that fit and a deep cut. As mentioned, it was the neckline which had me put-out at first. Necklines in that style remind me of a bad pair of bathers Kim Kardashian West would still be wearing (in leopard print) if not for Kanye, but here, due to the thickness of the neck strap and the higher cut of the dress, it all kind of works and looks exquisite. The colour suits her, her makeup is perfect, the earrings and cuffs are fabulous, and I like her soft hair. Well done. Right up there with some of the evening’s best.

Julianne Moore – in Saint Laurent. That column dress is a show-stopper on Moore and the plunge-scoop extremely interesting; it photographs exceptionally well and the sheer is very flattering about her midriff. Aniston also wore Saint Laurent to the Globes and Moore’s number is the clear pick of the pair. You with me? No. Look again; it keeps getting better the Moore you do.

Diane Kruger – in Naeem Khan. This reminds me of that dinner set which every family owns. In a good way. Kruger has gone high comfort sex pot and I am declaring it winner-winner chicken dinner. The fabric is exquisite and the frame at the bottom of the skirt the perfect point on which to end. Typically I am not a fan of the waterfall-back-gush, but it does kind of work on this Khan number. The colours are vivid and striking and if it were not for the lame attempt at hair, it is an absolute win from me.

Michelle Monaghan – in Elie Saab. The best gothic of the night? Moore may have won the gothic round (Monaghan in second, Jones in third) but I think it is fair we hand her a Good Award. It is overall a very pleasant experience and a very flattering number; she looks good. I like the lines across the top and neckline of the underlay. I also just checked out a few more images and it appears the skirt is split and she has donned big knickers beneath. I think I like it even Moore.

emily BluntJulianne Moore

Dianee KrugerMichelle Monaghan

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Knightley nails Critics’ Choice Awards

Fashion high season continues at a rocking pace and I do hope everyone else is enjoying it as much as I am.

Last week’s Critics’ Choice Awards has me feeling a little on the critical side, but that is their fault – or at least their stylist’s – and I cannot be held to account.

While there was a great deal to rag upon, there were, thankfully, a few improved performances from the recent Globes, and promising signs the best is yet to come as we approach the red carpet to end all carpets: the Oscars (22 February).

But, as much as this night was about honouring the performances, it was really all about the red carpet showdown of the All-American and the Good Samaritan. Can you imagine?! Who won the style award? Well, dear reader, read on.

Post-script: enjoy, and please, let me know your stylish thoughts. All images sourced from http://www.dailymail.co.uk.



The Critics’ Choice Style Recap

Best Performers Award

Keira Knightley – Bang on in Depolzo. Which is obviously my new favourite label. What a frock. I am very much a fan of her high comfort level, which may actually be an attempt to give her bump a bit of privacy. (Another tick) She looks elegant and interesting and completely herself. And she is wearing the hell out of that frock (Jolie: take note). The dress detail is exquisite, the light lilac colour is breezy and so well dressed up and colour-complemented with those touches of golden zing about the sleeve and across the chest. It is a fascinating dress in its simplicity – Peter Pan collar, loose shirt-styling, drop-waist skirt and train. Knightley has stepped up in a class and that frock is inspired. Again, I also like her lip. Best of the Knight night.

Jennifer Aniston – in Gucci. Hugely impressed with the Little and Long Black Dress Specialist who ran so far wide with this number it was like the sprinter becoming the three-miler. She turned fashion expectation on end and nailed the result. To break this down, I find the cut of that jacket and lapel pretty darn special. I like the deep-V with gold chain combination. It is high sex and I think that was a sensible place for her to go given her ol’ non-mate was set to show. The pants, too, with that crisp front line, prove the limitless value of a good iron (something I preach with hand on heart), they fit like a god damn glove and it is also the first time I have seen a leg cut that long and actually enjoyed it (Rachel Zoe I am glaring at you). The colour – it has to be red, because I detest maroon – is a really nice complement to her glorious Cabo-gained tan and I can practically see my reflection in her hair. All-in-Aniston, a darn good effort for someone who is generally a bit of a red carpet bore. Well done. And while you may not have won the award, you Won where it really mattered.

Andrea Riseborough – in Escada. Do not hate me, but I definitely do not hate it. That sea-foam green is exquisite on her and remarkable in this two-piece, androgynous number. What else is fabulous? Her makeup, her hair, her lip and her skin; all are such perfect complements to that rich, wondrous colour. Maybe the pants are slightly boxy and the fit of the jacket slightly off (it could have done with a cinch about the waist, or a taper about the leg) but none of it ruins what is, for me, a suit that totally rocks. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up, fine red carpet fun.

Keira KnightleyJennifer Anistongreens uit

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