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ACH Week’s Best: Brittany Howard, with special mention Miller

I had to backtrack for this week’s A Crowded Hour Week’s Best.

Which is a darned shame. Being the pointy end of the festive season, and all. Fashion pickings should have flown thick and fast.

Alas, with Beyonce all but absent from public life (excluding one excellent crazed Christmas cardi), my disinterest in the Jenndashians overcoat-crop stylings and the Star Wars red carpet being a total hotch-potch of full-gown-lady-lace-crazy, slim have been the sartorial pickings.  Continue reading

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The good and the oh so bad

I actually didn’t think it possible for there to be so much good and so much bad in the one frame.

To be so captivated on my first glance, and horrified on my second.

To devour one get-up and long to un-see the other.  Continue reading

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ACH Week’s Best: Sevigny for the double

Everyone’s favourite Sister Wife looking Absolutely Spectacular. Again.

It was only this time last month I heralded Sevigny ACH Week’s Best for a brill little ’90s number and coined her an irrepressible style maven.

And now, here she goes again, this time in an Oriental Gown of Epic Proportions from the Haus of Gucci, which is making me think all types of Life of Pi, even though I have never actually read that book. Should it matter? Methinks no, particularly when it comes to this glad-ragged sister. Continue reading

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ACH Week’s Best: Perfect Paltrow, with special mention Perry

Gwyneth Paltrow. Divisive as they come but, to be frank, as good as it gets fashionistically* this week.

Here she is, Hollywood’s Golden Girl and Grand Dame of Privilege, hosting the annual amFAR Gala, and looking absolutely pretty as a picture. Continue reading

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ACH Week’s Best: Sevigny

This week we tip the ACH chapeau the way of the irrepressible style maven, Chloe Sevigny.

Giving her the nod for Week’s Best was perhaps the easiest decision I have made all week, in a week comprised mostly of easy decisions.

She is that good, is Chloe Sevigny. Continue reading

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ACH Week’s Best: Williams

When I started out this week, the biggest decision I had to make was whether to wax my legs ahead of my mini-break to Dijon, France, or wait until after the weekend and just before our Turkey adventure.

And then it came to Saturday and while Libby B and I weighed up another hour sunning ourselves on the Air BnB deck, with heading up the road to le cafe pour une biere, I realised I had had nothing to worry about. Continue reading

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