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BAFTA: The Best Awards

Amy Adams – in Lanvin. I like it. I really do. It’s her best effort this campaign. In the best colour we have seen her in yet. And that’s crazy talk, because this is white, and is white even really a colour? It’s a big question… let’s return to the fashion. Continue reading

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BAFTAs: You Are Allowed One Weak Moment Award

Keira Knightley – in Giambattista Valli. I didn’t see this one coming. Continue reading

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BAFTAs: The Very Sharp Awards

Felicity Jones – she is playing a very interesting game this campaign; one minute we’re stately, prim and proper and the next we’re gothic Western frontier. Continue reading

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BAFTAs: The Eager To Please (But It Is Not Pleasing) Award

Natalie Dormer – She looks nice but God, is it dull. If that was on Dame Helen Mirren, we’d all be like dayum, girl. But on Dormer, I’m like damn, girl could have gone so much further. Can’t say I’m surprised though. She didn’t impress me in her last outing.

Natalie  Dormer

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BAFTAS: The You Put Me To Sleep Awards

The BAFTAs red carpet was not deserving of the typical A Crowded Hour style review.

I wouldn’t want to bore you with the detail.

Those actresses I did know, didn’t give me the Overwhelm; those I didn’t know, didn’t fill me with the urge to investigate. Continue reading

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The Red Carpet Rolls On

One night. Two red carpets. E’s Guiliana Rancic spread thin.

Sunday evening was a red carpet reviewer’s frock dream. And we’re about to go there. We’re just going to do it over two nights.

The journey toward Oscar continued at the weekend, pepped by a frivolous side-step by way of the Grammys.

Let’s set the scene. Continue reading

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