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ACH Week’s Best: Clooney and Harris

Oh Lordy, it was a week of slim pickings and yet more top fashion from Amal.

And within such a climate, what on earth is one to do, but laud Mrs Clooney with yet another (here and here) ACH Week’s best title?

To mix it up a touch, I decided to throw in a look – which I normally dislike – from one Naomie Harris.

You might remember her for playing the voodoo witch in the third Pirates of the Caribbean, but I shall remembering her going forward for this cut-away number.

But first to Mrs Clooney.

By all rights, she should be a first rate Human Rights lawyer, be married to the man formerly known as Hollywood’s MOST Eligible Bachelor, and wear clothes worse than a sack of potatoes.

Not so with Clooney – she puts the concept of having it all to absolute shame.

So here she is, the proof in her very own vintage Lanvin pudding. Wearing a couture-space-suit-culottes-crop-situ which is all parts excellent on her, when worn on anyone else, it would have been horrifically absurd.

Absolute power to her.

It takes a woman with a trunk-load of pizazz to wear reflective fabric in the style of culotte and chunky-vest crop, and if there is one to do it, Clooney is surely her.

Moving right along – we are a day late with this, and all – I would like to honour Harris for her cut-away number.

I had figured I was over this look – too many Gomezs, Swifts and Jenndashians, for my liking, had paraded the carpets with their hoo-haas and girls trapped by hap-hazard cloth – but for Harris in this sublime number.

Harris brings me back to a neutral home ground, where I am down with the cut-away and keen to see it more.

I think it may be the loose fit and its crisp simplicity.

The glory days, hey?

LONDON, ENGLAND - DECEMBER 03:  Amal Alamuddin attending Charlotte Tilbury's naughty Christmas party celebrating the launch of Charlotte's new flagship beauty boutique in Covent Garden on December 3, 2015 in London, England.  (Photo by Mark Robert Milan/GC Images)

Naomie Harris


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ACH Week’s Best: Washington (w special mention Clooney)

Like, totally not my normal schtick, and not something I’ll ever wear – unless maybe, at a stretch, to the races – but this is pleasing and rather easy on the eye.

I think ‘week’s best’ is pushing it, but at the same time the last seven days have offered us fashion lovers little more than a parade of Kardasherjennians in bikinis and full make-up. Continue reading

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ACH Week’s Best: Amal-zing

I had been toying with the idea of starting a Week’s Best from a style perspective.

I intended to call out my favourite looks for the week. Wax lyrical about an outfit I loved. Having trawled the inter-webs for fun fashion so you didn’t have to. (While boring most of you with more fashion) Continue reading

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