ACH Week’s Best: Chung and Roden, with special mention Redmayne

To be fair with you, selecting the ACH Week’s Best was somewhat of a battle this week.

We had fashion awards in Britain, music awards in Sydney and a movie premiere in Los Angeles, and still the fashion offering failed to set this keyboard on fire.

It took a lot of browsing to determine the following, but then, after making my sartorial selections, and sitting with them for an afternoon, I am mighty pleased with where I ended up.  Continue reading

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The good and the oh so bad

I actually didn’t think it possible for there to be so much good and so much bad in the one frame.

To be so captivated on my first glance, and horrified on my second.

To devour one get-up and long to un-see the other.  Continue reading

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For the LOLs

And the absolute love of God, here is a Jonas wearing a dirty big turtle about his neck.

I mean, what else would you wear to the American Music Awards if you were on a slippery slope into former-boy-band-member obscurity, and feeling overly sensitive about it? Continue reading

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So close Minogue

And yet, still, so very far away.

It’s been a long time since I have typed lyrical about Australia’s least stylish songbird. Continue reading

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ACH Week’s Best: Sevigny for the double

Everyone’s favourite Sister Wife looking Absolutely Spectacular. Again.

It was only this time last month I heralded Sevigny ACH Week’s Best for a brill little ’90s number and coined her an irrepressible style maven.

And now, here she goes again, this time in an Oriental Gown of Epic Proportions from the Haus of Gucci, which is making me think all types of Life of Pi, even though I have never actually read that book. Should it matter? Methinks no, particularly when it comes to this glad-ragged sister. Continue reading

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People change and a record-breaking rollah boy

I hardly know myself these days.

Actually, that line is barely true – I could pick myself out in a crowd any day of the week.

However I did catch myself, and shake my head with disbelief, when I stated to the Great Love, just last week, that maybe, one day, after we returned home, we might get a dog. Continue reading

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