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Oh em gee – The Affair

I am in absolute shock.

Finally, I am up-to-date, with the excellent The Affair and the season two finale, has me in complete disarray.

Which way is up? I can’t breathe. Someone close my mouth.  Continue reading

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Wintour is (no longer) coming

Turn off the heating team, we are almost through the Wintour.

That was a bad joke, I agree.

Anna Wintour, Vogue Grand Dame and the Iron-Fisted Fashion Lady, has lost her grip.

That was the story. That was my 2015 MET Gala takeaway. And that, my friends, is what I want to type about.  Continue reading

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Paradise by the gym light

I love nothing more than a spot of people-watching.

My idea of paradise is either lolling about in a thatch-hut abode above crystal-clear Polynesian waters, or a pervy afternoon, in a spot of window-sunshine, taking in fashion and the female form, deciphering body language and observing couples, while eating eggs.

On the latter pleasure, lately the people-watching has been brought to me and, while ticking off my morning workout, I have had the double pleasure of deep-squatting to the beginnings of what could become the next Great Love Story. Continue reading


Fiercely feminist – and the reasons why

In the hour past I’ve watched on as my housemate attached a loose electrical chord to a plug, fitted a light bulb to a pesky fitting and turned an entire corner of our lounge bright with light.

I’d never take the time. And a good many might even wait for a man to do it for them. Continue reading

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Bitchin about the body

On Tuesday night, with the sister in tow, I headed to Irene’s Warehouse in Brunswick to become, for the very first time, a Real Hot Bitch.

It was an organised and synchronised dance class with the realest, hottest, bitches from the Brunswick region and it was a helluva piece o’fun.

To the rock pop stylings of not really anyone’s favourite bleached and spiked blonde (Roxette) we learned a choreographed dance that was low on technique and high on dance passion.

Dressed in lycra, g-tards (gee-string leotards), with some dancers donning mullet wigs, we stepped our way through a routine to She’s Got The Look.  Continue reading

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A Neighbourly Poll

If you can smell someone’s dinner in the hall, is it okay to play loud music? Which can be heard in the hall.

I entered the building on a waft of meat curry and am hoping the next to do the same, skips the steps with delight to Andrea Bocelli.

Is this such a bad thing?