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Welcome home, Wonder Dog

Patti lives – !!!

With those two words (a rather unnecessary hyphen) and three exclamation marks, my heart sung and skipped a beat.

Our family dog, my beloved mother’s beloved pet, had escaped death yet again and was, by a remarkable twist of fate, returned to her kennel at 5 Jolly Street.

It had been a tumultuous week. Continue reading

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People change and a record-breaking rollah boy

I hardly know myself these days.

Actually, that line is barely true – I could pick myself out in a crowd any day of the week.

However I did catch myself, and shake my head with disbelief, when I stated to the Great Love, just last week, that maybe, one day, after we returned home, we might get a dog. Continue reading

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Good Bad Blood

The Great Love was listening to a Ryan Adams new release early Saturday morn.

He was well into it and then I told him it was a cover album. Of Taylor Swift’s first-ever pop release, 1989.

I watched indecision and concern wash over him. Continue reading

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ACH Travel: Japan

A snow holiday and the starting point of our adventure.

It was the early days of the new 2013 year, we were at Melbourne brunch and I was working double-time on the Great Love.

I wanted to travel, a life shake-up, and my skinny latte – I ordered it 10 minutes ago.

The setting was Pope Joan’s on Nicholson Street. I have actually written about this moment before.

I got him over the line on snow. A snow strip to start and London to end. We could figure out the middle part – I didn’t care – I had him hooked at snow.

Japan, then, was the first stop on our adventure and still the best place I have ever visited. Continue reading

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