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Fashion red alert: A dungarees discov-er-ee

I was out shopping with the Great Love in weeks past when I stumbled across a dungarees discov-er-ee (if you say it like that it rhymes) which has not only seen me clad in a super sweet pair of ‘ralls, but also tap into a super abundant – and cheap, I might add – clothing pool.

It’s a win whichever way you look at it. Let’s step through it together. Continue reading

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A life more empty

Tonight marks one week since my Great Love left and life has become rather sad.

I am out of frozen left-overs, bereft of dinner plans and the Roommate isn’t likely to prep dinner for me again.

What is one to do? Continue reading

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What Backs Ate, Part III – The Fried Chicken Which Broke His Backs

New Orleans. The last stop on our Southern journey.

The city we loved; the city which tore us apart.

The city in which the Great Love’s food odyssey reached its grand, gumbo-fuelled climax and the city which broke his Backs.

Let’s start at the beginning. Continue reading

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What Backs Ate, Part II – the Memphis (deep fried) Leg

The fourth day of our Southern tour was a real cracker.

It involved Memphis. And if you can involve yourself in Memphis, I’d suggest you did exactly that.  Continue reading

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What Backs Ate – The Southern Food Odyssey Begins

He was on a mission.

A mission inspired by a love of Cajun, deep fried anything, and a slow-cooked, secondary-cut meat.

We were in America in October 2014 for Bianca and Petty’s wedding and post their magnificent nuptials we were Deep South-bound and nothing was going to stand in the way of the Great Love and his determination to eat out the South. Continue reading

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To beard or not to beard?

That was the Great Love’s big question.

I had provided a clear indication (direct answer) as to the path he best trod to remove the pubes sprouting from his chin and the full bush about his neck.

But, he being the Independent he is, he was ever reluctant to do as I say take my advice.

And so he left, beard blowing in the wind, bound for Redchurch Street, a strip located smack-centre in the hipster heartland that is East London. Continue reading