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How fast can you run?

It doesn’t matter, ’cause Victoria’s son can run faster.

Romeo, oh sweet Romeo, is basically the complete package. Continue reading

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Fashion now, regret later?

I just stumbled across the strangest celebrity shot and I just had to share it.

It features some heavy-hitters drawn from the Los Angeles A-list scene and was taken at an ostensibly fashionable show, the inaugural The Daily Front Row Fashion Los Angeles AwardsContinue reading

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Biebs’ muscles enjoy busy Sunday

IN BRIEF: Pop tart Justin Bieber’s muscles were spotted out and about in Los Angeles at the weekend where he celebrated Mother’s Day with mama Pattie Lynn Mallette.

His newest accessories were captured courtside at a basketball game and the Four Seasons and it is unknown whether they attended an egg-throwing excursion in a Pasadena gated community that evening.

Despite initial concerns he’d left his head behind, his furrowed brow was captured enjoying the day’s activities and it did appear that despite a concerned and questioning look, all present had a wonderful time.

Source: Daily Mail

Source: Daily Mail


Hince’s big night out

Well, actually, it was Kate Moss’ big night out and we all know she’s been there.

The Kills guitarist Jamie Hince was captured on his way home from his wife’s Topshop collection launch party looking a wee bit worse for wear.

You know the feeling, don’t you? Bleary-eyed, blurred vision; clothes askew and sweat imbued; breath bad and about to be made worse by One Last Smoke; clutching and clumsy fingers probing a squashed pack; lifting one to lips and failing in every attempt to light the damned durrie. And then, the concerned, cross-eyed glance, before ‘lo and behold, the damned drunken mistake.

And then Hince’s wife Kate Moss gets in the car. And he laughs to himself all the way home.

hinge's big night out


Well played Little Gee

George left Australia today looking suitably unimpresed, displeased by the Prime Minister and resplendent in red.

Not that he’d care for my comments, but Little G, a  job thoroughly well done.

The only shame is, when will we see his chubby legs again?

george 1george 2

Images from: The Daily Mail

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Wills, We’re waiting

So, exactly when is Prince William going to hold Baby George?

What are the Royals playing at? When it comes to these two – to Royals really – everything is strategic. There is a careful media strategy at play, and for my mind, the reason is one of the following three:

* They’re saving the prized photo op, the one that’ll sell millions of magazines to women who drive mini-vans, for the Royal Tour grand finale?

* For a future King, the media message is subjects first, George’s puffed cheeks second?

* Fear George the Cute will wail and William will be shown up by an incessant cry?

I wait in hope.



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