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For the LOLs

And the absolute love of God, here is a Jonas wearing a dirty big turtle about his neck.

I mean, what else would you wear to the American Music Awards if you were on a slippery slope into former-boy-band-member obscurity, and feeling overly sensitive about it? Continue reading

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While on the fashion train…

Here’s a shot of Alexa Chung during the recent London Fashion Week.

In my mind, Chung doing good fashion is as reliable as the Northern Hemisphere day is long mid-summer. Continue reading

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That time I got totes jealous

It happened this week.

I was out for lunch with Dear L.B. and we were figuring out whether to walk to Sainsbury’s Local or Mini Waitrose.

We were discussing our morning, our weekend,  next weekend, where had summer gone?

It was a typical lunch, really.

And then suddenly it wasn’t.  Continue reading

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Have fame, will lifestyle

As I signed up to the latest celebrity lifestyle offering recently I couldn’t help but wonder is the online platform the new perfume of the 90s?

Sit with me on this for a minute.

Continue reading

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Genes, hey?

Presenting the Crawford-Gerbers.

The Crawford-Gerbers

Source: cindycrawford/Instagram

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Caitlyn Jenner: view from the couch

“Call me Caitlyn.”

With those three words Bruce Jenner as we knew him completed his gender transition and introduced the world to Caitlyn Jenner and I commenced a lot of thinking about what had just happened.

Like, it’s actually, really, happened: he is now a she and while it sounds like a ‘k’ name, it’s actually the misspelt (in my humbly-spelt opinion) version of Caitlin.  Continue reading

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