Oh em gee – The Affair

I am in absolute shock.

Finally, I am up-to-date, with the excellent The Affair and the season two finale, has me in complete disarray.

Which way is up? I can’t breathe. Someone close my mouth. 

Are you watching? Yes? We must talk. No? You should be.

The Affair is an American television series which has just concluded its second series, and has me reeled in deep, balls-deep.

The series has had it all: an affair and with it, explosive sex; trauma and grief over the death of a child; complex and dysfunctional family relationships; great lips and perfect teeth; new love; and woven throughout it all, a mysterious death, a police investigation and trial.

And now we know how Scottie died.

Hol-ee mol-ee.

I was sitting alone at Mint Street, catching up on the final episode, and as it drew to a close and the shock, horror and my absolute flooring set in, I realised I had nowhere to turn for a debrief.

To shake the shock, I decided to walk up the street and collect Prosecco for this evening’s New Year’s festivities. I walked to the Sainsbury’s Local with my mouth agape, catching myself a fly, and a few startled looks from bypassers, before returning home, to type to you.

How did you handle the season finale? Did it catch you by surprise? When will Cole find out? What on earth Noah? Seriously, how do you plan on riding out the season three wait?

Talk to me.

Post-script: If you haven’t been reading the Lainey Gossip The Affair series recap, you definitely should. It will help to tide you over.

Let’s reconvene for season three.

The Affair



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