ACH Week’s Best: Brittany Howard, with special mention Miller

I had to backtrack for this week’s A Crowded Hour Week’s Best.

Which is a darned shame. Being the pointy end of the festive season, and all. Fashion pickings should have flown thick and fast.

Alas, with Beyonce all but absent from public life (excluding one excellent crazed Christmas cardi), my disinterest in the Jenndashians overcoat-crop stylings and the Star Wars red carpet being a total hotch-potch of full-gown-lady-lace-crazy, slim have been the sartorial pickings. 

After rummaging the Go Fug Yourself back catalogue, I did, however, stumble across a look and a lady who did take my virtual breath away: Brittany Howard.

Which she did, incidentally, take my breath away, when I saw her perform at the Brixton Academy a solid month past.

Here she is, Ms Alabama Shakes herself, whose voice is big, soulful and soul-shaking, and who has more personality on stage in her little finger, than some in their entire person.

She is pictured below, in total glam-festive mode, in one killah cape, matched terrifically with her shift, topped off with big hair, and a rather delightful hands-clasped pose.

An angel for the tree. Or just an ornament for down below. You choose. Either way, isn’t she something. (That was not a question)

Special mention goes to a long loved stylish sister-not-of-mine, Sienna Miller.

She has the gift of a Perfect Body for Fashion and therefore makes easy work of a difficult two-piece.

It’s vintage, brocade, and bloody beautiful. If I had legs like hers, I’d be drawing up a pattern and requesting a copy designed post-haste by the mother-in-law.

It is an excellent number, and she dons it with such panache, I couldn’t turn away.

Lastly, a programming note: ACH Week’s Best will be back in 2016. I shall still be blogging over the festive period, so please, swing past, drop in, say hello.

Much love,


Brittany Howard.


Sienna 1


Sienna 2


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