ACH Week’s Best: Chung and Roden, with special mention Redmayne

To be fair with you, selecting the ACH Week’s Best was somewhat of a battle this week.

We had fashion awards in Britain, music awards in Sydney and a movie premiere in Los Angeles, and still the fashion offering failed to set this keyboard on fire.

It took a lot of browsing to determine the following, but then, after making my sartorial selections, and sitting with them for an afternoon, I am mighty pleased with where I ended up. 

Turns out, there were some mighty fine moments this week. Let’s take a look.

Alexa Chung, a British ‘it’ girl who can do no fashion wrong, hit a high note at the British Fashion Awards, dressed in homage to the haberdashery of Versailles.

The dress is Erdem, a fashion house she teams with regularly; it’s delicate and feminine, but the heaviness of the fabric, with the sharp angles and intersting cut, see it step away from the fabric-clad-and-padded-18th-century-sideboard look I am certain she was angling for.

I did fear for her, being around all those non-eating, fashion types quaffing champagne. Someone may well have mistaken her for a chair and just flopped onto her middle with a sigh and an exclamation, ‘Foff, Raaalph, I must say, another confit duck fieeee-loh tarrrrt would do, they arrrrrre exquisite.’

Not sure? This dress grew on me. I had to get up and leave the computer before I decided I actually kind of love it. Maybe you should do the same.

Side note: I really like her face in the shot below, although Chung may not, and I do believe she could wear a brown paper bag and make it look a boxy breath of fresh fashion air.

Holland Roden. In Edeline Lee. I don’t know the person and I have only just learnt the label and I am very much down with both and what they have achieved together.

I kept stopping to take another look at this shot when browsing the galleries on (the very excellent) this week. I wasn’t sure whether I felt it would have been better executed as just pants, or a slightly longer dress. But then I realised they were actually better together and that’s what makes it so fabulous.

Special mention goes to Eddie Redmayne, having some fashion fun in a check suit.

Usually when a male goes for something run-not-of-the-mill, it goes hellishly wrong in general admin on Melbourne Cup Day, but when done well – and this is done very well – it isn’t too bad at all.

Redmayne is incredibly cute and looks like a nice guy. I’m down with it. Plus, he is giving the camera some serious face and it made me laugh.

Afterthought: There is so much matchy-matchy fashion going on these days and all I can say is brilliant and thank you very much, I shall join you all for the party.







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