ACH Week’s Best: Sevigny for the double

Everyone’s favourite Sister Wife looking Absolutely Spectacular. Again.

It was only this time last month I heralded Sevigny ACH Week’s Best for a brill little ’90s number and coined her an irrepressible style maven.

And now, here she goes again, this time in an Oriental Gown of Epic Proportions from the Haus of Gucci, which is making me think all types of Life of Pi, even though I have never actually read that book. Should it matter? Methinks no, particularly when it comes to this glad-ragged sister.

Sevigny brings fashion to life and I think this may well be a perfect example. She is actually wearing a bell-sleeved, lace-tiered gown with a floral necktie and cacophony of the zoo and a Tarot deck and yet still, she is bang on point.

It takes a lot of fashion game to wear a number like that and yet she makes it look easy.

Full credit. particularly for teaming it with a kick-ass set of turquoise drop earrings, full red lip, slick hair and a big grin.

Week’s Best. By a long way.



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One thought on “ACH Week’s Best: Sevigny for the double

  1. steph coffey says:

    Not feeling this one SLC but always enjoy seeing your choice for week’s best 🙂


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