People change and a record-breaking rollah boy

I hardly know myself these days.

Actually, that line is barely true – I could pick myself out in a crowd any day of the week.

However I did catch myself, and shake my head with disbelief, when I stated to the Great Love, just last week, that maybe, one day, after we returned home, we might get a dog.

I had stipulations of course: a female named Keef Richards and a breed which I could run with.

The more I thought about it, the keener I became; how could I not with the dream of a little Keithy pattering on the floorboards?

The surprise elements comes from the fact that I am a long-running and well-known animal non-lover.

I believe I lived with the in-laws for about two years all up and managed to never touch their dog and once even threatened to quit a job (I disliked, admittedly) if a bring-your-dog-to-work-day was introduced.

Even so, here I am, today, a different person.

I find myself dreaming of morning exercise sessions, casual evening strolls and weekend jaunts with a little Keithy at my side; of whistles and ‘sits’ and paw shakes; of a winter coat and red collar.

So much am I changed – I laughed, I cried tears of joy – at the below video of Otto, the bulldog boy (and a BIG boy at that) wonder who is breaking records and hearts with his formidable skateboarding skills.



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