ACH Week’s Best: Heard, with special mention Hart

I called this one early. It was too easy. Amber Heard. In retro glam. With an old man handbag at her side.

I think it is very important to not let the woeful fashion choices of one, taint my opinion of the other, and therefore I am very pleased (with myself) to bestow the Week’s Best (albeit a day late) upon the uber-glam Heard. 

I spot her all-too-often in Looking Good In Airports mode, and have long appreciated her quirky take on high trend.

And while she may be Australia’s least favourite dog owner, I believe it would be remiss of me to deny her the ACH crown for her glam-as-it-goes, Golden Girls-esque jumpsuit-cum-cocktail-lounge-hour number just because Johnny Depp’s style brings me horrific period pain.

It is a kick-ass suit from Temperley London; the fabric is terrific and hangs with absolute perfection; the neckline and belt elevate the fit; and her accessorising adds beautiful clutter. She looks effortless. Which is the exact opposite of her Skeezy Husband.

If I could have one item in my cupboard, reserved especially for a weekly Martini hour, this would be it.

Special mention: Ashley Hart on Oaks Day. An Australian looker going toe-for-toe with with Diane Kruger, who we previously saw in this spectacular Dolce & Gabbana number.

Hart teamed hers with a hair garland reminiscent of Grand Dame Frida Kahlo, matchy-matchy shoes and a wicked set of earrings.

I love me some fashion with pizazz and and if I get married while this dress is in season, I’ll be wearing it.

Do act surprised.







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