Fashion red alert: A dungarees discov-er-ee

I was out shopping with the Great Love in weeks past when I stumbled across a dungarees discov-er-ee (if you say it like that it rhymes) which has not only seen me clad in a super sweet pair of ‘ralls, but also tap into a super abundant – and cheap, I might add – clothing pool.

It’s a win whichever way you look at it. Let’s step through it together.

The GL had his eye on a light-coloured (not my preferred hue, which you should know by now) denim jacket in Topman and we were in that store contemplating its purchase.

He was after my attention, and it was elsewhere.

It was wandering and it was while it was absent-mindedly taking in the clientèle that I chanced upon a very neat and functional-looking row of overalls. I was one-part intrigued, three parts still absent-minded.

I wandered over, felt the denim (sturdy), checked the pocket situ (plentiful) and considered the length (would require 2 x roll).

They might bloody do, I thought to myself, recalling with sadness the burgeoning hole in my (then) current ‘ralls and the understanding they weren’t long for the scrap bin.

Now, completely oblivious to the GL, I selected a pair of ‘S’, hoiked up my skirt, and stepped into them on the floor. 

The GL said don’t do that. I decided not to listen.

They fit exactly like a glove would atop a pair of tights, denim skirt, shirt and wool knit jumper.

They will bloody do, I thought to myself, deciding then and there they were coming home with me, which they did. I skipped all the way; the GL caught the Tube.

Not only had I replaced my older, more established ‘ralls, which had travelled the globe with me over the last 18 months, I had done so with an impeccable pair boasting first-class style, functionality and above all, at a very reasonable cost.

I was in a state of unbridled joy at my new ‘ralls and the discov-er-ee of a new shopping Hot Spot.

Topman, or perhaps just Top, for it was a top shopping spot and a man I am not.

The moral herein is: do not discount male fashion. Not only is it cheaper, stock is more plentiful, but the shopping experience is just so much more pleasant due to far fewer people,.

Not sure? Start with a white male tee and grow your wardrobe from there. You, dear reader, are welcome.

Post-script: There was one last discov-er-ee which awaited me. Fast forward 35 minutes and half a bag of salt and vinegar chips. I wander into our bedroom and ‘lo and behold, there’s my man, in my ‘ralls and they fit him exactly like a glove would atop a tee and pair of Bonds knick-knacks.

My new ‘ralls are actually unisex. Bless them.

SC in ralls

Picture credit: Michelle Matheson

Backs in ralls




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