ACH Week’s Best: Perfect Paltrow, with special mention Perry

Gwyneth Paltrow. Divisive as they come but, to be frank, as good as it gets fashionistically* this week.

Here she is, Hollywood’s Golden Girl and Grand Dame of Privilege, hosting the annual amFAR Gala, and looking absolutely pretty as a picture.

I am actually balls-to-the-wall behind the top half of this number, while feeling slightly less gusto for its bottom, but the pleasure of the top half has gotten me over the line. Side note: Currently watching the film Walk The Line, from which I borrow that line.

Back to the post at hand: Paltrow’s frocklet has me hooked with its big, bell sleeves teamed with a snappy cuff to remind you who is boss (which she was in that moment, because she was host) while off-setting the intense femininity of the wedding-dress-button and sparkly fabric. I believe that neckline does every kind of wonder for Paltrow and I also think she knows it, because she wears this style a lot (remember this one?).

The styling is spot on – perfect hair and earrings – which add gravitas to the entire look and it kind of has me thinking this may have been what Baroness Schraeder would have worn to her and Captain Von Trapp’s wedding, had that minx from the Nunnery not landed him first.

Mind you, if I did have to change one thing, I’d take a whack of fabric out of that skirt.

Nevertheless, well done Paltrow. Plus, a very special mention to a usual non-favourite of mine in the style stakes, Ms Katy Perry.

Halloween is a heady time for us fashion lovers as we are overwhelmed with more crotch shots of B-grade celebrities than we actually know what to do with. And then Perry comes in and lands a killah costume moment by covering up and waving the flag for the three people who actively don’t want to dress like a sexpot come October 31.

Here she is, Russell Brand’s ex, dressed as a dropped mic. Kudos Perry.

*I made that word up. Hang me.



Source: Katy Perry Instagram

Source: Katy Perry Instagram

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