A Skarsgard Named Desire

GOOD GRIEF I almost did not know myself last week.

I had stumbled across – and sat bolt upright at – a shot (below) of Alexander Skarsgard strutting a New York pavement like his granddad built it.

I was so taken with his swagger, his denim jacket and that patch, I immediately considered bestowing the ACH Week’s Best title upon a MAN. I know, right?

I was so unsure, so confused, I dared not return to my online home until this very morn.

Now, having let a week pass, I am back in control and willing to share this shot with you in a whistle-stop fashion post to pay my respect to the incredible display of street casual from Alexa Chung’s boyfriend.

Two points I would like to make:

  • That is a GREAT denim jacket. Note the colour. The colour is all parts fabulous and has me feeling intense longing for a new DJ of my own. I have actually written about the importance of denim hue before, when selecting one’s shoulder-season coat, and in an uncanny coincidence titled that very post in a remarkably similar fashion. Crazy.
  • The PATCH. Good grief that patch. I need a patch. I want a patch. I will have myself a patch. For a while there, I was big on broaches, but I think, having seen Skarsgard rock a patch of his own, it is the logical next step at this Saturn Return stage of my life. Note to Mr Willo: patches are well up your ally. 
  • The fit of those jeans. I don’t know where to look. I do. I know exactly where I am looking. Somebody bring me some water….

Well, that last brings my sermonising to three points, but I think we can all agree, taking another look at the below, that it has been well worth it. Yes?

Photo source: laineygossip.com: Photo by Ray Tamarra/Getty Images

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