ACH Week’s Best: Olsen Twin

This won’t be a popular post – are any, popular, that is? – but – and it’s a big BUT – I have always been pro-muumuu and I believe this to be a damn fine edition of that fabulous, high-comfort, tent-ish garb.

I first bought a muumuu in Melbourne in years-past (read the very early 2000s) and while its current habitat is a plastic tub in the front room of a dilapidated house on the parents’ farm (did I just give away too much information….?), from its dusty location, its memory still brings much joy.

My muumuu is made from two variations of a red and white cotton fabric, has pockets, and a delightful Transylvanian-folkesque neckline, and more personality than most people. Long may it live.

I digress: I love me a muumuu and, thus, it seemed only fitting to honour a muumuu as worn by Ashley Olsen, at The Hammer Museum Gala, last week.

I like its Japanese style and I like its shape – you know, surely you know, I covet dresses of the sack variety? – and all muumuus fall squarely into this category, and this one does it in an exceedingly stylish and I expect, custom-made manner.

I am also one for colour and while this is hardly Rainbow Brite, it manages to utilise a subdued palette while maintaining a colourful aura.

I’m going to take a detour here for a second; walk with me. It is my greatest peeve in life when a shopkeeper tells me that the sack-like dress, either consuming my body, or simply just sitting wrong, ‘Is meant to be baggy’, like I don’t understand the physics of a flipping muumuu.

And then, when I turn around, and through gritted teeth say, ‘I get that, I didn’t come down in the last shower to fall in this poorly-made, sack dress; I blog about this shit. This dress just doesn’t fit, baggy or non, it’s. A. Bad. Baggy. Fit.’

That sideline story is meant to illustrate the exact opposite situation which is occurring below: the perfect example of a baggy fit. This dress fits Olsen so damn well. The neck isn’t hanging off her shoulders. The sleeves drape just-so. And it is still loose all over. It is an outstanding example of a Perfect Baggy Fit.


Next time a shop-keeper says ‘It’s meant to be loose’, I’m going to shove this picture of Olsen in their face and tell them ‘No, your garment is just poor bloody quality; this is a Perfect Baggy Fit you fool’.

Enjoy your week.




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