ACH Week’s Best: Sevigny

This week we tip the ACH chapeau the way of the irrepressible style maven, Chloe Sevigny.

Giving her the nod for Week’s Best was perhaps the easiest decision I have made all week, in a week comprised mostly of easy decisions.

She is that good, is Chloe Sevigny.

Therefore, without further ado, please feast your eyes on everyone’s favourite Sister Wife, looking all parts fabulous at the American Horror Story premiere, in tasselled earrings, red lip and a 90s dress.

I am wholly, anti-stocking-look and believe its only place is within the figure-skating rink, but immersed in that dress and on the incredible body that is Sevigny, I am in awe.

Girl is posing up a storm in what is the best LBD I’ve spotted in a while, underlined by an incredible set of heels.

The shape and length are all parts perfect, while the stocking-neck-and-sleeve, intersected with v-neck cut, add a fair whack of spice to what is otherwise a fairly straightforward frock.

And then the shoes. When my mind drifted this week, it was only to whether her heel was a wedge or pointed number and I think I’ve settled upon the latter. Either way, I want a pair and her legs to put in them.

Finally, those earrings: the perfect tonal adjunct to ooze life and old-world glamour into what is otherwise a very 90s look.

I love it all. I am mesmerised.







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