While on the fashion train…

Here’s a shot of Alexa Chung during the recent London Fashion Week.

In my mind, Chung doing good fashion is as reliable as the Northern Hemisphere day is long mid-summer.

She rarely – if ever – puts a foot wrong and while this jacket may be a little on the nose to some, I actually think she looks pretty neat in the shot below.

And had I not been saving endangered butterflies in the Amazon – which should explain away my recent and extended absence from this blog – I would have included the below look in an ACH Week’s Best.

We all know I love a good street casual (don’t we?) and this was Chung, captured enroute to a radio interview, hitting all of the right boulevard notes: great flats, jeans and jumper; teamed with slightly dishevelled day-ago-styled hair, a jacket of the next level variety with brilliant bloody lining (that green is lush) and clutching a rabbit clutch of all things. I know, right?

It’s also one of those looks that has me wondering about how well it would translate when worn by an Ordinary Person. Like, replace her model looks and body with a pair of Zara flats, faded-out jeans and mild muffin-top, misshapen Next Look knit, smudged eye-liner and frizzy hair and rabbit clutch, and would this look go down quite so well?

What if I had worn it? I know. I know exactly how I would look. Like I I had forgotten to pack-away my aeroplane neck cushion and had mistakenly grabbed the Slutty Police Woman jacket out of the dress-up box, plus a rabbit-shaped pencil case, while rushing out the door. Know what I mean?

Source: dailymail.co.uk

Source: dailymail.co.uk

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