ACH Week’s Best: Williams

When I started out this week, the biggest decision I had to make was whether to wax my legs ahead of my mini-break to Dijon, France, or wait until after the weekend and just before our Turkey adventure.

And then it came to Saturday and while Libby B and I weighed up another hour sunning ourselves on the Air BnB deck, with heading up the road to le cafe pour une biere, I realised I had had nothing to worry about.

I had made the right decision; I had needed to wax my legs and Serena Williams can take out this week’s ACH Week’s Best; it’s 30 degrees and I’m in France, tough decision-making can come and go right out my French door.

Williams lands the accolade, quite simply, because she is an incredible sportsperson, her talent and success surpass gender; she can do the splits, has a rock-hard abdomen and pulls off a tutu with aplomb.

I am so bloody sick of the cropped singlet, which is why I switched out of my own midriff-baring number earlier today and into a fully-grown singlet, but on Williams, this number isn’t so bad.

It’s all in the detail and why the abundance of midriff-numbers from Topshop and Primark are outrageously low on this plus length, the textured fabric and emphasis on fit, make this a more-than-just-a kind of top, and I’m okay with it.

I think her muscle and abdomen, justaxposed with the intense femininity of the tutu and pointed-heels, provides for an interesting combination and I just can’t help but be a teeny bit jealous that she has a good tutu when I’ve always felt that I needed one.

I likey.


Serena Williams

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