ACH Week’s Best: Washington (w special mention Clooney)

Like, totally not my normal schtick, and not something I’ll ever wear – unless maybe, at a stretch, to the races – but this is pleasing and rather easy on the eye.

I think ‘week’s best’ is pushing it, but at the same time the last seven days have offered us fashion lovers little more than a parade of Kardasherjennians in bikinis and full make-up.

Washington’s outfit is simply very pleasing, if not mind-blowing. And I think it would look extremely nice on my wee Mummy, which might be why I like it so much.

It’s a crisp, clean look and her immaculate make-up and slicked hair are a nice accompaniment. Her shoes are not. Whoever told her to wear black shoes with a dress which looks like it would skip itself into a garden party, is totally bonkers.

And for special measure, because I know the Washington number will bore half of you, here’s Amal Clooney, looking all types of spectacular in the modern two-piece (skirt/top as opposed to cardigan/wool tee), a killah pair of brogues and a Lego handbag. What’s not to love?


Source: E! Online

Source: E! Online

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