Reeling. Me? Yes, reeling.

Remember that time last week when I posted about being jealous of other people’s celebrity spots?


Well, I just got my own back. Big time.

On my way home from work I walked straight past the effervescent, incredible and totally glorious Dawn O’Porter.

I first spotted her skirt, a BOB by Dawn O’Porter number, before glancing up and realising I knew that fringe; it was Hotpatooties herself and I almost came undone.

I immediately got out my phone in order to ring the Great Love and explain the walk-by-celebrity-spot in outrageous detail. But realised I was under two minutes from home.

So I picked up speed, trotted into Mint Street and galloped up the stairs.  This news was itching to be told.

The GL was an excited as me. Or at least that’s how I interpreted the pat on my back.

Still, reeling. I am still reeling.

Dawn O'Porter

Source: Dawn O’Porter Instagram

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