ACH Week’s Best: Ratajkowski

We’ve been in favour of a very casual vibe these last few weeks at ACH Week’s Best and were determined to select something to shake things up a little when looking back at the week’s sartorial splendour.

It started on shaky grounds with the Kardasherjennians out in full sheer force for Kylie J’s 18th birthday. There was Kris in corset and sheer trench, Khloe in something akin to a formal piece from a figure-skater’s wardrobe, Kourt in body suit with sheer stomach panels and Camel Toe, Kimmy K W in a sheer turtle-neck (which Rita Ora may actually heave borrowed) , Kendall looking okay in split-not-sheer and Kylie looking like a Total Diva in something trashy. It was so bad it was good.

But then, then Emily Ratakjowski donned a Balmain number for a movie premier and came looking somewhere between sexed-up muppet (thanks Go Fug Yourself) and an uber-glam Christmas tree. And I kind of bloody loved it.

Everything about her screams fierce and sex-pot and, maybe it’s just my mood, but I’m all over it.

The colour is perfection on her; I like the way her hair extends upon the shag-fringe-effect; the leather belt and it’s press studs at the back I want in my wardrobe, and her waist with it; and those shoes, they’re something.

Before you write off the fringe, there’s actually more strategy to it than first thought. I like the combo of tight, long sleeves with fringe-about, and from the back, it’s actually incredibly flattering.

And she. Honestly. Ratajkowski is something. Am I right?






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