That time I got totes jealous

It happened this week.

I was out for lunch with Dear L.B. and we were figuring out whether to walk to Sainsbury’s Local or Mini Waitrose.

We were discussing our morning, our weekend,  next weekend, where had summer gone?

It was a typical lunch, really.

And then suddenly it wasn’t. 

Dear L.B. said Sally saw Selena Gomez with blonde-haired boyfriend that morning.

She just dropped it to conversation as we walked into Waitrose.

I was totally like, what, really, wow, and she was like yep, I know right?

That’s like a next level celebrity spot and the feeling of pure jealousy which washed over me had me in shreds.

Gomez dated Bieber for bloody ages and due to pure connection to him alone, her status within a Best Celebrity Spots, is completely A-level.

I acted all cool at the checkout, but on the inside I was fuming.

I love celebrities; I never spot celebrities. My two best gets are Felicity Kennett in the Myer sunglasses section circa 1995 and Keanu Reeve’s back JFK Airport circa 2014.

I was so jelly I forgot to buy my favourite raw cashew and raisin snack and then was hungry all afternoon.

It had become a pretty crummy day.

And then, then the tide turned: I was on Daily Mail and noted Vanessa Hudgens and BF had dined with Natalie Imbruglia at Chiltern Firehouse that week.

And I was all like gotcha: Sally confused Gomez with Hudgens who dated Zac Effron who is B-level at best (and I might be on the kind side here) in Best Celebrity Spots which meant Sally’s celebrity spot prowess had plummeted.

I could breathe again. Life was back to normal.





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2 thoughts on “That time I got totes jealous

  1. klfliedner says:

    Firstly, Keanu Reeve is in my books, an excellent celebrity spot.
    Secondly, my best sighting was literally bumming into Salmon Rushdie on a street in Brooklyn and then that night sitting two stools down from Joshua Jackson at a bar in China Town. Both babes. Oh, and I shook Tony Blair’s hand when he came to Melbourne for the Commonwealth Games. Oh! And when I was in Dublin we saw Jack Gleeson (Joffrey Baratheon!) pushing a bike down the road. And he was a babe. I think that’s the extent of it.


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