ACH Week’s Best: Beckham, Dunham and Paltrow

Well, once again, we were almost at the week’s end and I at my wit’s end due to a lack of top-notch fashion porn to share with you all.

And then the weekend happened and Victoria Beckham went to the airport, while Lena Dunham and Gwyneth Paltrow rocked The Hamptons Paddle and Party for Pink, and finally we had ourselves some ACH Week’s Best fodder.


With this series, I think it’s important to let the fashion do the talking, and so I present below:

  • Victoria Beckham – wearing a fabulous piece from her SS16 collection, showcasing the growth and increasing inventiveness of her label. You know I love comfortable fashion, and who would have thought we’d ever see the lady once better known as Posh Spice, in an outfit that is high-neck, loose-cut and long? Thank God we are though, ay? It also has pockets. I may be Pockets’ biggest fan. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up.
  • Lena Dunham – this frocklet is red hot, except it’s pink and orange. I couldn’t be more of a fan of this number and Dunham in it. It’s Lisa Perry, it has pockets and it looks bloody comfortable. The shoes aren’t my shtick, but if you don’t look down, they’re actually no bother. Again, thumbs, they’re up.
  • Lastly, Gwyneth Paltrow – looking a Hamptons-esque, statuesque vision, in a dress which is just all kinds of pleasant. You can’t not like this look; it’s well-cut, the sleeves are excellent, the deep v-neck and high split are totally sexy, it’s got the feel of a shirt-dress but a far better fit, and even the level of floral is manageable. Funny, because while the dress would have to be everyone’s style, the lady herself ain’t. A very worthy addition to the Week’s Best. Go Goop!

Victoria Beckham_SS16Lena DunhamGwyneth Paltrow









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