Have fame, will lifestyle

As I signed up to the latest celebrity lifestyle offering recently I couldn’t help but wonder is the online platform the new perfume of the 90s?

Sit with me on this for a minute.

In the 90s we were swamped with perfumes bearing the face of every celebrity and quasi-celeb you could poke a smelly stick at.

It actually went well into the ’00s and my dear sister and I were the beneficiaries of a Britney Spears perfume package at the age of about 28 and 30 years apiece. Thanks again, mum.

It was a money-spinning endorsement for the celeb, and a taster of the celebrity life for the consumer.

Fast forward 20-odd years and consumer’s have more of an insight into the esteemed life than ever before – thank you Instagram – and perfume doesn’t quite cut it.

Presenting then, the lifestyle platform: You can still smell like a celebrity, just while sucking on a kale smoothie in popsicle form while dipping your tips into an artisanal jar of organic nipple balm. When only the best will do.

So who is out there?

Well, lately Lena Dunham with the Lenny Letter – think feminism, style, politics and friendship. It’s in a newsletter form and comes at you from Dunham, Girls’ producer Jenni Konner.  I actually like to hear what Dunham has to say; I’m all over this.

Gwyneth Paltrow at Goop for all of your vaginal-steam-cleaning needs and must-have $395 peplum top needs.

Blake Lively is decorating houses in mason jars and encouraging you to buy her wardrobe through artisanal overload at Preserve.

Relatively new kid on the block, Reese Witherspoon, is showing us how to live with Southern grace and style and advising on monogrammed table settings at Draper James, which actually sounds like the first cousin of Rob Kardashian’s sock line.

And not least is Jessica Alba at the Honest Company for all those mothers who dare to dream of more for their babies – think plant-based and organic bum wipes.

It’s a heady mix.

And for those who just want the sweet smell of old, well Jennifer Aniston released Near Dusk recently and at a starting price of $39 for her eau de parfum, it is perhaps offers the best value of the lot.

Source: lennyletter.com/Autumn de Wilde

Source: lennyletter.com/Autumn de Wilde

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