Street casual called Williams

Long have I thought there is not much wrong with Michelle Williams.

And her not-so-recent New York street casual efforts had me reeling with positivity for the Louis Vuitton darling.

Denim jackets are on my radar ever since I bumped into Christine at the Marrakech airport. She was wearing an Acne version (find it here) which I figured I would be wearing too, sooner rather than later.

But then the Roommate went and bought it (no hard feelings) and I’m still wearing my light denim, Topshop number, which every second tween on Oxford street also happens to own.

I digress.

Williams is wearing a deep blue denim jacket which may well be Wrangler and for me, it’s the colour which is key and unless you’re a deep bronzed type, I think it’s the denim shade for all.

Then, then she went and teamed it with the best pair of pyjama-pants-for-streetwear I’ve seen yet, plus Birkenstock-style sandals which everybody loves.

And it’s basically the perfect outfit very leisurely done.

This is all.

Michelle Williams 2 Michelle Williams

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