ACH Week’s Best: Amal-zing

I had been toying with the idea of starting a Week’s Best from a style perspective.

I intended to call out my favourite looks for the week. Wax lyrical about an outfit I loved. Having trawled the inter-webs for fun fashion so you didn’t have to. (While boring most of you with more fashion)

I had intended to time it for Friday but the day came and went and I was bereft; not to mention utterly devoid of Week’s Best fodder.

And then, at the 11th hour, Amal happened.

Amazing Amal happened. Amal-zing.

The Clooneys went for dinner while camped at Casa Como. The eve involved baby blue, bouncy hair, killah shoes, a water ferry no less, and Arm Candy George.

He looked a mega babe with his Como tan and matched suit, but fashion risk-taker Amal claimed the spotlight.

Here she is, full of beans, mid-step and clad in Miu Miu. Spectacular, right down to elle chaussures.

It’s something else, yes? A sweet, wee A-line, with a sense of 70s from the cut to the print, snazzed up with a modern baby blue shade and  military button.

If you like it even more than me, it’s yours for £1,650.

Perfection Amal.

And there you go, I just did it: ACH’s Week’s Best. Back next Sunday with more.


Sheena Lee C.

Amal dress and george

See more of Amal, a water ferry and George here. 

Amal Dress

Buy at

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