A life more empty

Tonight marks one week since my Great Love left and life has become rather sad.

I am out of frozen left-overs, bereft of dinner plans and the Roommate isn’t likely to prep dinner for me again.

What is one to do?

Before the GL departed for the rig and I became a Poorly Fed Rig Wife, we discussed the days of old when the wife departing cook would spend the two days prior to departure preparing meals to freeze.

There would have been a Monday spag bol, a Tuesday tuna casserole, a Wednesday mac bake, Thursday you went to the Thompsons. Oh wait, that actually happened.

As a non-cook I am somewhat despondent as to why this particular planning and dedication to one’s spouse has gone out the kitchen window?

When I asked the GL two days prior to departure what frozen goods he had in store for me, he responded without an ounce of humour, ‘Does Sainsbury’s still do that pumpkin risotto?’

I wish I had had the energy to get all shouty about him not caring enough for me, but I am in conservation mode for the dark days ahead.

My musings, though, must have struck a chord.

The universe heard and the dear Sarah Pinch had me over for Shabbat on Friday, the Roommate offered leftover ravioli and garlic bread on Saturday and the dear old GL actually came through with the baked goods.

For our Last Supper, he prepared an extra large kale and mushroom gluten free lasagne and the left-overs got me through the first week.

Until my next good meal,

Sheena Lee C.

frozen dinner

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