Wintour is (no longer) coming

Turn off the heating team, we are almost through the Wintour.

That was a bad joke, I agree.

Anna Wintour, Vogue Grand Dame and the Iron-Fisted Fashion Lady, has lost her grip.

That was the story. That was my 2015 MET Gala takeaway. And that, my friends, is what I want to type about. 

There was talk Wintour had lost her stranglehold right around the time she put Kim Kardashian-West on the cover of US Vogue. I would agree with those comments.

Then, she banned selfies from this year’s MET Gala. And none of the celebrities obeyed.

But for me, there have been two incidents from the High Priestesses of Celeb that have really turned the table on Wintour.

The first move belonged to Gwyneth Paltrow, who in a stroke of genius, bowed out of the MET Gala with incredible foresight and a very pointed Bird finger.

After the 2013 edition, where Paltrow wore the Appalling Pink (to a punk-themed eve, no less), she said post-event and publicly: “I’m never going again. It was so un-fun. It was boiling. It was too crowded. I did not enjoy it at all.”


Some might say it was a curt nod to the diminishing guest list and the onslaught of reality sorts to haute fashion’s big night, and to others that she no longer required Wintour’s good will or regard to make her way. If she ever did.

Either way, she hasn’t returned and made a point of posting about it on her Instagram on Monday night.

And speaking of Instagram, there was another major post which most certainly proved somebody’s point.

Brand Beysus works for Brand Beysus alone, and she does so on her own time, her own watch, and on her own goddamn Instagram page.

Beyonce was scheduled to arrive an hour-and-a-half-late, to have the carpet cleared for her grand entrance, and to be the one the media had to wait for.

Nothing new there.

Except she had already debuted her dress on her Instagram before departing for the MET Gala on Monday night.

Can you imagine? The one the cameras were all waiting for, the one Wintour had permitted to arrive last.

And she did their work for them, better than them, in a very nicely lit and styled personal shot to her Instagram page.

Beyonce had released her dress before she arrived at the Fashion Oscars.

It’s almost sacrilegious. Unless you don’t worship at the Wintour Altar. And then maybe it’s genius.

Queen Bey received more than 1.1 million likes apiece on her Instagram after posting the two shots below.

The Vogue Instagram was poorly managed, felt like an afterthought, and didn’t even crack a tenth of that on one of its shots.

If you were Beyonce, you wouldn’t bother would you?

Both are more powerful on their own and Wintour, who once could make or break, wields limited power from her Vogue Tower.

Post-script: I envisaged Beyonce, departing the MET Gala early on Monday eve, in the elevator to the lobby, standing firmly between Solange and Jay Z and wary of any trouble, texting Paltrow to tell her: Lover, she can have her Kardashians, I’m through. Your bae, Bey. x

Beyonce insta

Beyonce Insta 2

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One thought on “Wintour is (no longer) coming

  1. yssieocarroll says:

    Completely agree, great article! Shame, I love Anna:(


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