The MET Gala – Sheer for the shame of it

Beyonce. Kim Kardashian West. Jennifer Lopez.

The fact that the first (in Givenchy), has been paired with the latter two (in Roberto Cavalli and Versaci separately) should be telling.

And if you’re not with me yet, imagine each in a pair of bedazzled ice-skates and then tell me they aren’t three peas from the Russian Team Pod.

I’ve typed before about Kardashian-West being all balls-to-the-wall with her booty-boobs battle-off and then there is JLo, who actually may be worse. And who most certainly was at the MET Gala.

The theme was China: Through the Looking Glass and last time I thought about a theme like this, nude most certainly did not spring to mind.

So can someone please advise as to how they hit the theme, and no, JLo’s (appalling) red eye shade is called misappropriation and does not count towards it.

Speaking of what else was not appropriate and has me wanting to poke my eyes out with Beyonce’s stiff (and frankly ridiculous) tail: lazy bloody fashion that relies on the basest barest of elements to gain traction and attention.

Nude does not an outfit make. Challenge me. Make me think.




jennifer lopez


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