So, the MET Gala – Best Dressed

The annual MET Costume Gala and Anna Wintour’s birthday party was held on Monday night in New York.

The theme was China: Through the Looking Glass and the red carpet was INTERESTING.

And that’s not because of the ladies who did it nude or Rihanna. It’s because of a fair swag of everyone else.

Or Fan Bingbing, Solange Knowles and Sienna Miller. And in that order.

Let’s start with Bingbing. Everyone’s favourite …. international actress…. (I had to look that up) whose Christopher Bu outfit was the closest thing I have ever seen to a frock give an absolute middle-finger to anyone wearing a cape (Rihanna) and the night’s horrific gold column dresses (that’s you, Kate Hudson).

She was spectacular. And no one came close.

And then there was Solange. Who has managed to make the MET Gala about her on more than one occasion (ahem, elevator incident).

She takes fashion, she flips it upside, inside out, and then steps into it and what happens next is a masterstroke of genius. Also, it’s a fairly clear indicator as to which sister snared the Style.

And then there was Miller. Thank God for the Brits (because Alexa Chung also looked amaze in Erdem) and for this Thakoon pants suit. Which I actually want in my wardrobe. And don’t hold back on the $12,000 (US dollars, y’all) tassel earrings and sweet-as-practical-pie heels, I’ll take those too.

So those were the ones I loved. And here they are below. Worthy of best dressed, non?

Fan BingBing



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One thought on “So, the MET Gala – Best Dressed

  1. klfliedner says:

    Lol, your obsession with Sienna needs to stop.


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