Paradise by the gym light

I love nothing more than a spot of people-watching.

My idea of paradise is either lolling about in a thatch-hut abode above crystal-clear Polynesian waters, or a pervy afternoon, in a spot of window-sunshine, taking in fashion and the female form, deciphering body language and observing couples, while eating eggs.

On the latter pleasure, lately the people-watching has been brought to me and, while ticking off my morning workout, I have had the double pleasure of deep-squatting to the beginnings of what could become the next Great Love Story.

A friend of the Bloody Good Variety has been ensconced in a consuming crush and despite her usual propensity to grab life by the boxing gloves, with this one, a great many training days went in before the duo reached game day.

Slowly, slowly it has evolved from stolen glances to rare chats at the water fountain, a casual drink to a morning workout and shared protein shake, to a day out and – finally – a session of horizontal calorie-burning.

And from my location, alternating between treadmill and rowing-machine, I have also been blessed with the time to ponder something else: this relationship, with its step-by-step progression, has felt old-fashioned.

What? A relationship which built up from a foundation of shared interest, familiarity, mutual respect, friendship and lastly affection, feels old-fashioned?

I know.

While not an active participant in the dating game, I remain an enthusiastic bystander, and as stated above, I love nothing more than analysing the shit out of the relationships I am privy to.

And this most recent, has got me thinking about the quick-build which the online dating game offers its players and how this can impact the end result.

It often seems the shared interests which throw people into each other’s online path seem rather fledgling and impersonal, and unless there is a quick jump turnaround from texting to true love over a two-hour gin date, it’s back to the supermarket of singles the app offers up.

And while the shared interests of the gym bunnies I have gazed upon have been much the same as those outlined in an online dating profile, the slow application of building blocks of familiarity, has I believe, allowed this one to flourish.



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One thought on “Paradise by the gym light

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