Savagely Stylish

Last night the London fashion elite came out to play.

They rolled up in their finest for the gala launch of the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty Exhibition at the V&A Museum and boy did they bring it.

The fashion was to-die, mostly McQueen and there were no Kardashians.

It felt like the days of old.

We perused Daily Mail this morning and felt the red carpet arrivals were too good for us to ignore.

And so, you will find below a brief recount of some of the evening’s most spectacular, most interesting and most overdone.

Last night the high fashion – vintage and from the new collection under Creative Director Sarah Burton – exemplified the words of the great man: “You’ve got to know the rules to break them. That’s what I’m here for, to demolish the rules but to keep the tradition.”

And isn’t that a quote to live your wardrobe by?

Without further ado:

Kate Moss – in Alexander McQueen. The original and the best. Moss does sheer and blonde better than any other. And here she is putting the proof in her non-existent pudding. Everyone’s all-time gal made a statement last night, in her spectacular sheer frocklet and bodysuit: that style, that ability to really wear clothes and to absolutely own fabric. is not something that can be bought via a couture wardrobe and a husband with a humongous ego. She is telling us, right here, in this made-for-her McQueen, that style emanates from within, that’s it’s personality and poise as much as body shape and that when one is truly owning a garment, she will grin from cheek-to-cheek upon the carpet. Mother England, don’t ever change.

FKA twigs – in vintage Alexander McQueen (if you can call a 2008 number vintage) looking like a spectacular bird, who, with one coy look will snag herself a new mate for life. She is the perfect choice for a dress with this much personality, creating the perfect balance between the frock which played its cards for the world to see, while she kept her shit tight. She is an absolute vision, posing here like a total gamer. This dress, this woman, this is why we love fashion.

Poppy Delevingne – in Alexander McQueen and the night’s Other Sheer. Poppy is fast becoming my favourite Delevingne (mind you, I love them all, dad especially) and is a fashionista totally after our own heart: Girl wears BIG knickers. We love. We also love the dress atop those fabulously BIG knickers and are totally obsessed with figuring out whether we should be describing the sleeves as cape-esque, or just split and back-attached. What do you think?

A side note on the Evening’s Sheer: On both Moss and Delevingne it was never about what was exposed, but always about the dress and how it was created. That’s the point our New Blonde misses; it’s evidence of her not knowing the rules (thanks McQueen). Her sheer is about what she’s revealing, it’s like peeky-BOO, whereas on Moss and Delevingne the sheer was still all about the frock because it wasn’t motorboating us in the face; there was a subtlety which just goes to show there’s more to style than just buying into it.

Victoria Beckham – Davey, passh the Prosecco… hic-CUP! Beckham looked, well, like someone who skipped her dinner and went straight for the booze. We expect one part of that is completely true. It’s strange looking upon Beckham when her pose angles are all off, her makeup a smudged mess, her boobs back, bobby pins long gone and her dress covered in rips. A very rare mess.

Gwendoline Christie – Wowsas. This is all kinds of fashion game and what an event to do it. Christie never plays safe and full power to her. She owns this look and, let’s be frank, a crushed velvet, high-neck, gold number that just hangs from everywhere, is not an easy look to pull off. She never does fashion by halves and we love her for it.

Annabelle Neilson – What. A. Frock. The sleeves, the plunge and the textured fabric are making our heart flutter. Good sleeves are basically everything and this is a wonderful example. We. Just. Love. And that fringe, proving what we’re about to say about Cressida Bonas an absolute lie. We have a full-blown crush on her and don’t even know who she is. It’s an incredible woman who can do that. Amen to that outfit.

Erin O’Connor – giving new meaning to statuesque babe, O’Connor is giving us startling reminders of the 90s version of super model. We also think she must have done impressive brows well before Cara Delevingne started slugging about with hers. While we are not sold on the black shoes and slight mis-fit (loose fabric about the waist and arms), as a total package, this is right-about spot-on. Is that neckline not divine? Yes. Exactly. Balmain has a suit-jacket-type dress going around at the moment, and this number is laughing in its face.

Cressida Bonas – in Mulberry. Here she is, the world’s Most Famous Ex, finally nailing the boho-maxi look. We actually really like this; for the sloping waist and sleeve detail. I have never dug a big chest, and Bonas in this dress is exactly why. Her hair really is spectacular, non? But, can we agree, that bangs aren’t necessarily an easy look to pull off?

Naomi Campbell – We are half-in half-out with this outfit and it appears Campbell is feeling much the same. The feather skirt is giving us the sniffs, we’re not sure about the top, the jacket is a terror, but that back – her 44-year-old back – is bloody first class. Thank God she teamed it with those pretty neat kicks.

Salma Hayek – looking a little too literal. Like, we all love peacocks, but nobody loves them this much. At last count, there are four on her dress. FOUR. I mean, come on. And she almost reflected the shape of her dress in her hair – sleek atop and then, POOF, we have curls. Make up your mind. And keep it subtle.

A note on the exhibition: Savage Beauty is the first and largest retrospective of the late designer’s work to be presented in Europe and showcases the late designer Alexander McQueen’s body of work, spanning his 1992 MA graduate collection to his unfinished A/W 2010 collection. McQueen was London through-and-through, East London actually, which is our own turf, and it was from this incredible city which he drew his inspiration – be it London’s history, its world-class museums or its Brit Art scene. The exhibition runs until 2 August and you can find out more about it here.

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  1. klfliedner says:

    Gwendoline Christie for the win!


  2. Siobhan Frost says:

    great time to send this one out! (time of day & day)

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