Jolie started something

And hopefully Dolce & Gabbana have finished it. Once and for all.

Kids and their creativity are becoming a big thing on the catwalk, and the Milan Fashion Week Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2015 show is the best iteration We have sighted since Harper Beckham picked her nose while sitting FROW (that’s front row, for those not in the know).

Models took to the catwalk in some exceptional frocklets featuring hand-drawn pictures by children. And We loved them.

We surprised ourselves. Particularly because the shots We spotted reminded us so much of the mess that was Angelina Jolie’s wedding frock (Versace, mind you).

We weren’t surprised when Jolie wore an ill-fitting monstrosity that swamped her frame exactly the way you would expect a dress that is three sizes too big and accentuates the most unnatural looking part of your body to.

And we most certainly considered it an eye-roll inducing move to have her children’s drawings and funny words plastered all over it (buttock, for instance). Fastest way too ruin a pretty bad frock, in Our opinion.

But there We were, admiring the D&G nuumbers. Funny, isn’t it, how fashion works.

In Our opinion, the only thing that saves the D&G frocklets  is those bloody fabulous silhouettes. We totally love. The image below is an exceptional example.

Can Gorman hurry up and copy the shape so I can afford something similar?

What do you think? Win or bin?

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