Oscars: The Very Very Well Dressed Awards

Solange Knowles – absolutely banging in Christian Siriano. The lesser-known-Knowles (forgetting Tina) has the honour of the night’s most unique look and her family’s most stylish. We completely love that she wore pants and that they were full-culotte and perfectly paired with her crepe cape. Knowles just knows how to do it and nails it every bloody time. While she may not possess her sister’s work ethic, she trounces her in the fashion stakes and is a message to the world, that unique and flattering can be exceptional fashion bedfellows.

Emma Stone – in Elie Saab. It’s good, it’s so very very good. And to be frank, she was a narrow miss on Best Dressed. The seaweed green is a good shade on her, and the cut truly is something else. We like that it looks loose when shot from the front, and that she may have been able to eat (even if she looks like she may have given up food for Lent). The back is exquisite and so too are those sleeves. We enjoy the soft neckline for its slightly wider fit and again, that back. Spectacular.

Margot Robbie – in Saint Laurent. We keep returning to this because there is more to look at each time. We love the old Hollywood glamour of the dress, and those inspired sleeves. We love the clash of black against that divine blue necklace and the solid as hell shade on her lips. She is just beyond good-looking. Was that always the case on Neighbours, because it’s certainly not how We remember it?

Solange KNowlesemma stone 2Margot Robbie

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2 thoughts on “Oscars: The Very Very Well Dressed Awards

  1. Bec Q says:

    Oh I was always a “Donna” fan on Neighbours. Maybe not always “beyond” good-looking, but definitely good-looking.


  2. I am so glad you brought up Solange Knowles! I had two problems with it I thought the fit wasn’t the best and I kind of wished the pants were fitted instead of baggy. I think with a fitted leg it would have let more people know that, that was a cape. But I mean she can rock such strange looks and get away with it! I also agree with Margot and Emma I thought they both looked so fantastic. I really want Margot’s dress! http://silverscreentalks.com/2015/02/23/fashion-at-the-oscars/


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