Oscars: The Not Bad, Okay, Quite Nice – Actually Growing On Us – Awards

Cate Blanchett – in John Galliano. Not bad. But great? No. A sleek and elegant fit, with a divine back and her in it. A win for any dress.

Nicole Kidman – in the dress we want to hate, but strangely don’t. We actually think she looks kind of amazing. While We cannot get on board with her heavy makeup, Urban’s hair or the frock’s misjudged split, the rest We are all about. And that, readers, is a total tribute to Kidman’s ability to wear the hell out of her clothing.

Patricia Arquette – in Rosetta Getty. A total bad-ass on the carpet and in front of the mic. Well done on all fronts. Also, her and dress designer Getty are friends. You can tell, can’t you, that her dress was designed by someone who knew how to produce one she would totally own? Kudos to both parties.

Meryl Streep – in something comfortable, looking like a total Boss. As she so rightly should. Everything about her look felt completely right. Bow down.

Jamie Chung  – We really like this. We just don’t really know who she is. Lovely though, wouldn’t you say?

Jennifer Hudson – in an extremely pleasing shade, teamed with an extremely pleasing face. Everything here is so very pleasing. Well done.

Gwyneth Paltrow – in Ralph & Russo. Unfortunately – and rarely for Paltrow – her one sleeve game was better played by another. Still, this is not a terrible effort, because she does look spectacular and We do enjoy the flower as sleeve as opposed to decoration, but we are still a wee bit bored. It’s the kind of same game we wished Witherspooon had played but know deep down never would.

Cate Blanchett back.Cate Blanchett frontNicole KidmanPatricia Arquette









Meryl StreepJamie ChungJennifer HudsonGwyneth P

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