Oscars: Best Dressed Award

Hannah Bagshawe – in Alexander McQueen. It’s telling, non, when the best-dressed gong goes to someone who is actually the partner of, as opposed to, one of the main events? She looks spectacular in a dress which, was the best of any high neckline worn that evening (Felicity Jones, hang your head) and combined with an easy-flow skirt which took gladiator fashion and turned it spectacularly on its head. We loved it. It was fierce and fabulous and those side flourishes totally spectacular. Her arm candy is pretty bloody cute too, non?

Post-script: total brother-sister couple, oui? Their matching hair makes me smile.

Hannah Bagshawe

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One thought on “Oscars: Best Dressed Award

  1. Wow you are so right on their matching hair I never realized that :)! Her dress is beautiful I am not sure I like the feathers (is that feathers?) on the hip but otherwise it was a very pretty dress! http://silverscreentalks.com/2015/02/23/fashion-at-the-oscars/


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