Oscars: The Worst Of Their Campaigns Awards

Keira Knightley – in Valentino. Reminding Us of that time Angelina Jolie wore that God-awful dress to her wedding. We feel like we are being force-fed femininity and there’s already enough of that going on with her belly and headpiece. On the latter, We are scared to investigate further lest We need to banish her from best-dressed lists forever. Knightley, if you’re reading this, We need you to wear your overalls again and a leather jacket and remind us that you are actually really very cool.

Sienna Miller – in Oscar de la Renta. We’ve read several times now that the detail on her dress was exquisite. And when we squint and put our nose right up to our screen, we can see there is more detail than first met our eyes. But We are still not sure it makes us like it anymore, and we are totally certain on how we feel about bows and the short-beneath, long-atop look that she has got going on. We’re bored. And our cousin said she looks strained. And that is a mighty shame from Miller.

Felicity Jones – in Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. In a dress which is trying to be all things to everyone and manages none. The skirt is all over the place and pulled into a waistline which begs to differ with that description, and the 90s neck is just an abomination. We won’t start on the fringe, because We want to end this post in a nice place.

Keira KnightleySienna MillerFelicity Jones

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