Oscars: Nope, Do NOT Like It Awards

Reese Witherspoon – in Tom Ford. Looking boring in Tom Ford. Safe and as such, We are sorry.

Julianne Moore – in Chanel. We do not consider this a great look on Moore who brought moore earlier in her campaign, when this was the moment to really make it count. We are concerned by the fit and the flavour of this gown and believe that Cotillard did this odd fit better and probably would have worn this particular dress better. She did win though, so she does have that.

Scarlett Johansson – Atelier Versace. Looking too obvious. Yes you are gorgeous; yes you have that body; yes you can. But does that mean you should? We will give her that good waist fit, but We despise that it is just so obvious; same goes for the breasts and burn that choker. Such a waste of a semi-rare red carpet outing.

Rita Ora – in Marchesa. Again, a great head (always a great head) teamed with a poor dress. Firstly, can we agree that it doesn’t fit? Secondly, does anyone ever enjoy a fish tail? Thirdly, we actually dig the midnight blue and gold.

Naomi Watts – in Armani. We have gone back to this number several times now, and We are in a diminishing cycle of like. It feels Euro. Like it should have housed Sharon Stone, but then We recall the snake necklace debacle of her Golden Globes showing and wonder if we give her too much credit on the carpet? Admittedly, Watts nailed the post-party look in a to-die white suit and killer kicks.

Jessica Chastain – in Givenchy. Which is a total no from me. We feel like Elizabeth Taylor bought this in white, 55 years ago.

Jennifer lopez – in Elie Saab. The same label Stone wore. Stone of the good style. And it’s not like the same has ever been said in reference to Lopez. She looks as bad as Gaga.

Lady Gaga – in Azzedine Alaia. Looking as bad as Lopez. But in cleaning gloves. We could bottle the Try emanating off her and give it to Madonna.

Reese WitherspoonPatricia ARquette and Julianne MOoreScarlett JOhanssonRita Ora








Naomi WattsJessica ChastainJennifer LopezLady GAga

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